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Attributes of the Best Sod

It is common to purchase houses which may be beautiful but have incomplete outdoor features such as malnourished lawns. Growing grass into your garden can be the best way to create playing space for your family and to have a beautiful compound. It can be confusing to identify the perfect sod that you will use in your compound, and the article highlights some of the features that you should look for in your selection.

Not every grass is grown the same and therefore, the reason to verify the soil consistency in the product. When you purchase lawn which has excessive dirt, the grass seeds will struggle to reach the topsoil which can cause the death. You should avoid the sod which lacks enough soil because the grass can quickly die due to lack of support and the roots failing to get most nutrients. You should verify that there is a uniform layer of soil on the sod to facilitate growth and survival.

Properly fertilized turf can ensure survival even in the extreme temperatures such as drought. If you choose a grass which is well fertilized, you will experience fewer issues during transplantation because they will be resistant to the stress and they will also have a uniform green color. The best sellers of therefore needs to practice good fertilization practices to avoid incidents such as wilting, brown patch disease and crabgrass.

Examining the lawn can help you to know the stage of life of the grass and if it has attained maturity. When checking at the grass, it is essential to look at the roots to verify that they are messy and have web-like structures to facilitate for the transplantation process efficiently and the green color on the sod should have a uniform lush green appearance. You should take the measurements of the height of the grass in the sod to verify that they are a fully mature and lush green color which is consistent shows that they are free from diseases and malnourished.

You should plant the grass which still contains moisture, and the best dealers will ensure that you have turf which has not lasted more than eight hours after being cut. The best sod product will have the same shade of green to show that they have not been left out for extended hours. Examining the roots of the sod will help you to know if they have retained the moisture and if they will survive in your compound.

When selecting the sod supplier, you should verify about their reputation and know the techniques that they put in place when farming the sod. Checking for the above attribute before making your final choice can ensure that you select a high-quality sod.

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