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How to Choose a Surfboard Leash

Surfboard leash or leg ropes are available in different varieties in the market, making it a daunting task for surfers to choose the right one. Surfboard leash has been in existence for almost fifty years and has proven to be an essential component for surfers, saving lots of lives in the process. Therefore, a surfboard leash is a must-have for any surfer because it helps in keeping track of the board during nasty waves or heavy wipeouts. To choose the right surfboard leash from the dozens in the market, any surfer has to consider the following factors.

Before you buy a surfboard leash, you need to consider if it has the right cuff as this will determine how comfortable it is. If you are buying a leg rope in the market today, it is required to have double wrap-round for a little added security. Just like buying clothing, you need to try it on and see if it fits before you buy it. When choosing a cuff, you can consider one with a key pocket in case you want to keep your keys. Consider a surfboard leash that has at least one swivel to ensure you enjoy surfing and your safety. A tangled leg rope can be very dangerous to you.

When choosing a surfboard leash you need to consider its length, and the length of the surfboard leash you pick is usually determined by several factors. The length of surfboard leash that a new surfer will choose is different from one that an established surfer will choose. But generally, the surfboard leash you choose should as long as your surfboard. Surfers who have chosen shorter leg ropes understand how inconveniencing it can, and it might result in accidents involving your board. If you are not sure the length of the surfboard rope to buy, feel free to ask the storekeeper when you are buying a surfboard or when you are shopping for a leg rope.

When buying a surfboard leash you need to consider the code; the codes are usually thick or thin and you pick depending on your needs. Thicker codes are usually stronger and likely to last long because they are less likely to break. If you intend to surf small waves, you should get a leg rope with a thin cord because it will create less drag. Although a thicker cord is less likely to break and is suitable for if you want to surf big waves, it usually creates a lot of drag in the water.

When shopping for a surfboard leash you will find some that are attached to the ankle while others are attached to the knee or calf. Ankle ropes are usually a good choice for most surfers although it increases the chances of being tangled because it is too low. On the other hand, other surfers find knee ropes more comfortable because they increase freedom on the board and create less drag. When it comes to choosing a surfboard leash based on the rail saver, it is a matter of your preference. You can choose a wide and longer rail saver because it offers better protection in case you fall but it creates more drag on the water. If you are in a dilemma about choosing a surfboard leash, consider the factors discussed in this article.


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