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Unique Spa Treatments from Around the World

IF you want to pamper your body, then you should visit a spa. The benefits of a good massage can be gained in a spa. Today, however, spa therapies go beyond the usual range of massages, even bordering on the bizarre. Here are some unique spa treatments that you can avail of in different parts of the world.

Fish therapy is being practiced in southeast Asia. If fish therapy, your feet a put in a tub of hungry carp who will then nibble off your dry skin. This will make your feet very smooth. Ailments that can be treated with fish therapy includes gout, psoriasis, and eczema.

You can also go for snake therapy in a spa. A load of pythons is dumped on your chest in this spa treatment. These pythons are big and muscular but harmless. Your body gets massaged as the snakes slither to try to get away from you. It gives you very relaxing results.

Inside a 38-foot high wooden dome in the Mojave desert, you can get surround sound therapy. It is a resonant tabernacle designed for rejuvenation and time travel as well. In order to harness geomagnetic forces of the surroundings and set your chakras in order, you will have hour-long sessions where quartz singing bowls are played.

Immersing yourself in hot mud is another unique spa treatment. You can find thermal baths in Turkey in Pammukale, and in Chile where individual thermal pools are nestled in the forest surrounded by waterfall and wooden walkways. The most hardcore in mud baths is Colombia. In the Volcan de Tutoma in Santa Catalina, you immerse yourself in literal volcanic mud. If not, why not dip yourself in a tank of beer in Czechoslovakia or in a Japanese spa where you can choose to dip yourself in coffee, red wine, green tea, and sake?

IV therapy is the latest to improve your well-being. Vitamins and nutrients are delivered directly to your bloodstream in this unique service. In IV therapy, you fight poor nutrition and stress harmlessly and effectively.

Visiting natural salt caves in Poland or Iran has the same effect of going to the seaside to take in the air. It is a good therapy for alleviating insomnia and asthma. You can simply inhale the salt surroundings while reclining or lounging inside the cave.

Bird poop can help exfoliate and lighten the skin on your face. In this therapy, they spread sanitize and treated nightingale droppings all over your face. In other parts of the world, they do snail facials. Here snails are put in your face in order for them to deliver slime on your face.

Chinese wellness experts use the cupping technique where heated suction cups are placed on your back to suck out all the tension.