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These Are Amazing Companies That Almost Shut Down In The Past Due To Failures

It is common to experience failure when you are starting a business. The only problem is that many people tend to give up when hit by an obstacle. When you look at history, you will learn of companies that were able to conquer their obstacles. this is a list of some of the best companies that have been able to change their circumstances for the best.


There is no doubt that Apple is the largest company that we have. The performance of this company is what has allowed it to be among the best. The company was faced with a threat of closing down once in its past. The firing of the then CEO, Steve Jobs nearly bankrupted the company. However, it was able to turn things around after rehiring him back. The company is said to earn annual revenue of around $300 billion. Learn more here about this company.


As far as the logistics industry is concerned, FedEx is the largest company. It was founded back in the ’70s by Fredrick Smith. He used the $4 million he had as an inheritance. The company was about to go bankrupt since it had more debts. As an act of desperation, Steve was able to gamble the remaining $5000 and won $25000. You can learn more here.


Unless you have been living under a rock, you understand and have used Reddit. At the beginning of their journey, the company didn’t have any users. The founders resulted in creating fake accounts for the company. The company started seeing success after it was bought by Conde Nast in 2007. The company has been able to go from strength to strength. It is the fourth most visited website in the United States today. The users of this company are said to be around 550 million. You can learn more here about Reddit.


Airbnb was launched in 2008 but didn’t experience any success. Since the company was not making any money, the owners decided to try other methods of getting the capital. After raising $30000, the company was accepted into an incubator. They were taught everything they needed to learn about business and today, the company makes a profit of $2.5 billion every year. Learn more here.


Marvel has not been experiencing much success until in recent years.The company has produced over 20 movies and TV series and has some lined up until 2020. Learn more here about Marvel.