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Different Types and Benefits of Honey Form the Amazon Forest

Many people use honey almost every other day but they don’t care to know where the honey is coming from. I believe we forget to question the type of honey are taking because of the honey taste. Honey is sweet in taste and also it’s used for medicinal purposes. What you didn’t know is that it’s not easy for honeybee to make a single pound of honey since it has to fly three times in the world to be able to make its honey. The honey bees make different types of honey which are available in the shops. If you keep it here you will come to discover more about the different types of honey in the Amazon rainforest.

Acacia honey is the first Amazon forest honey to know about. This type of honey is light and clear and more to that is that the nectar from the acacia gives it a delicate taste. The reason why acacia honey is fit for the people suffering from diabetes is that its content of sucrose is very little but fructose is highly concentrated. It can also be used to treat respiratory diseases.

Manuka honey is the second type of honey to share with you. This type of amazon honey is good for someone who is suffering from acne, sore throat, ulcers, colds, and indigestion. Once you are done eating the honey you will realize that there is a taste in your mouth that will not disappear soon and if you taste different Manuka honey you will discover changes in its taste.

Alfalfa is the third type of honey from the amazon bees. Many bakers use this honey because of its sweetness, light color and subtle smell. You can take Alfalfa honey without anything else or mix it with ingredients like milkshakes, lemonade or tea.

Avocado honey is the other type of honey you should know about. Many people expect avocado honey to taste like the avocado because of its name but that’s not the case despite that the honey comes from the avocado flowers. Avocado honey is smart for salad dressing since its buttery, dark in color and also rich in flavor.

Buckwheat hone. This is the Amazon honey that is known by many people. Besides being the strongest and darkest honey compared to other honey types, if you take this honey you will be assured of high iron content and also other useful nutrients.

Don’t forget we have Eucalyptus honey. When it comes to Eucalyptus honey you will discover that it’s also widely used for medicinal purposes like treating headache and cold.

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